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Who We Are

What is Purple Stone Group?

Purple Stone Group is a company specialized in real estate, education, marketing and multimedia. The business group, through it’s independent limited companies offers a lot of products and services that reflect the high satisfaction of the costumer.


Purple Stone Group offers excellent investment opportunities for:


Get High Returns on Your Investment


Sell Your House Quickly* or Get Guaranteed Rent*

Business Owners

Increase your profits and get more customers

Job Opportunities

We offer professional work experience in our company.

A professional internship provides unpaid work experience in an English speaking environment in the same field of study as the candidate’s studies.
Work experience placements are generally available in marketing, market research, graphic design, product development, and office work.
An internship can be taken in combination with an English language course at our school in East London, or, for students with excellent English language skills, on its own.

As a ‘volunteer’, interns will not be paid. Above all, candidates should remember that while they are learning linguistic and professional skills, they will be expected to contribute as an employee might.

System for Thriving Business – LEARN:


How to go from zero to a very successful company in 3 years


How to improve the marketing of your company so that you can get results quickly


How to grow your business without necessarily increasing the spending budget

Our Group of Companies

We are aiming to be a one stop solution for the issues that any young person may encounter when arriving in London. We offer landing services for young people and help them settle in London.


harry sardinas 1 hour

Harry Sardinas is the best selling author of the book Climbing Big Ben: How to Survive, Thrive and Succeed in London. He is also a speaker, a serial entrepreneur and a business consultant.

He is passionate about helping new entrepreneurs start and grow their company with great energy, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help entrepreneurs in London.